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Articles and videos related to Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ and Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 feature film:

Kara Kennedy, PhD, delves into the integral role that the Bene Gesserit play in Frank Herbert’s Dune world building. This article is based on her upcoming book on Bene Gesserit women in the Dune series. She posts literary analyses of Dune for a mainstream audience on her blog at DuneScholar.com

Frank Herbert, the Bene Gesserit, and the Complexity of Women in the World of Dune

Dr. Willis E. McNelly, a friend of Frank Herbert, interviews Frank and Beverly Herbert on February 3, 1969 at Herbert’s house. A candid, revealing discussion about Frank’s reasons for writing ‘Dune’ and how he constructed it.

American Historian, Daniel Immerwahr, delivers a fascinating presentation about Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune.’ Entitled Empire of Dune: Indigeneity, U.S. Power and a Science Fiction Classic.

A fascinating article that delves into Frank Herbert’s essays about Islamic principles, and why he imagined a future in which Islam, and not Christianity, is the prevailing philosophy.

Karjoo-Ravary, Ali. “In Dune, Paul Atreides led a jihad, not a crusade.” Aljazeera.com. 11 Oct. 2020.

Ryan Britt argues that ‘Dune’ has no aliens, one of the most common components of science fiction. More importantly, he tells us why.

Brit, Ryan. “There Are No Aliens in ‘Dune.’ Here’s Why.” Inverse.com. 4 Oct. 2020.

Another honest article from Ryan Britt (with spoilers) that highlights how ‘Dune’ is NOT the standard hero’s journey format, but something more.