‘Dune’ Movie 1984 – Should You Watch It?

Denis Villeneuve’s new big screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ is scheduled to release in October 2021. That gives you time to spice-up your ‘Duniverse’ knowledge for the new movie. The first thing to do is read Frank Herbert’s award-winning book, this is world-building at it’s finest. If you haven’t read it recently, read it … Read more

What is the Bene Gesserit? The Witches of ‘Dune’

I read Frank Herbert’s novel ‘Dune’ in 1984, shortly before the original David Lynch film was released. At age 14, I hadn’t read a lot of science fiction. I was totally blown away. The depth of world-building and interwoven plot lines was awe-inspiring. If you are looking forward to the new Denis Villeneuve 2-film version … Read more

What is Arrakis? A Planet Profile of ‘Dune’

Written by Frank Herbert in 1965, ‘Dune’ is heralded as one of the greatest novels in speculative fiction. It has sold upwards of 20 million copies and been printed in over a dozen languages. Herbert wrote 5 bestselling sequels, it has been adapted into a movie, a TV miniseries and now a film by Denis Villeneuve … Read more

What is the Ornithopter? The Spice Harvesting Tech of ‘Dune’

‘Dune’ is one of the best selling science fiction novels of all time with over 20 million copies sold in a dozen languages. It was made into a feature film in 1984 by director David Lynch (‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Eraserhead’) and a Syfy television miniseries in 2000. Denis Villeneuve (‘Arrival’, ‘Sicario’) has directed a new … Read more